About Taha Ghayyur

Taha Ghayyur_9602©Enviro Foto-cropTaha Ghayyur is a not-for-profit leader, writer, public speaker, and Khatib in Toronto, Canada.

  • Vice President, Sound Vision Foundation
  • Executive Director, Justice for All Canada
  • Former Executive Director,  ISNA Canada
  • Former Director of Communications, Sound Vision Foundation
  • Board member, DawaNet
  • Board member and former Chairperson, MuslimFest
  • Former Advisory Committee member, Muslim Studies Program at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto
  • Author of over a hundred articles on issues related to youth, personal development, community development, civic engagement and Islamic living in North America
  • Former media spokesperson for 3 not-for-profit organizations
  • Speaker, with 15 years of experience in delivering workshops, seminars, webinars & Khutbas on public speaking, communication, community development, personal development, leadership, and organizational behaviour

[Read Taha’s Interview with ISNA Lanterns]

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2 responses to “About Taha Ghayyur

  1. Baarakallahu Feekum, Yaa Akhee.

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