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10 Ways to Boost Your Islamic Knowledge

By Taha Ghayyur

Whether you are a young Muslim, a new Muslim, or a student of Islam, these tips will help you enhance your Islamic learning and understanding in a wholesome and balanced way.

It will not only help you learn beneficial and practical knowledge, but will also develop a caring and contributing citizen of this world.


What are the priorities of the Muslim community today? What is required of me? Is it essential for me to spend 4 years isolated in a desert or some foreign country to study Islam or is it more beneficial for me to use my skills to benefit the community, while learning Islam in Canada? Continue reading


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Islamic Knowledge: Unlearn Before You Learn

By Taha Ghayyur

“I want to be a scholar when I grow up! I will go to Syria to study Islam for five years.”

“You can’t learn Islam from books! You have to learn under a traditional Shaykh.”

“You should be careful about who you learn your Deen (religion) from! Don’t listen to this deviant scholar.”

“Make sure you never study the Quran on your own.”

“Just stick to Quran and Hadith and that’s enough! Scholars just pollute Islam with their personal interpretations.”

“You can’t learn or teach Islam without mastering Arabic first!”

“I don’t trust the Sunnah (Prophetic traditions). We should follow the Quran only.” Continue reading


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